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Experience the Zumba┬«Fitness thrill! Allow me to share my love and experience with you! I deliver to inspire, motivate, build confidence and encourage people to engage and enjoy physical activity in the form of latin dance fitness.

Let yourself immerse in the music and own the moment! Forget about the tedious gym gear based workout, boost your calorie-burning and exhilarate your days. There is no need of dance background! 

Before getting involved in Zumba Fitness in 2011, I spent years performing professionally on stage all throughout Bulgaria - from small community centre performances to international contests and live presentation of solo dance pieces. I never had the chance to participate in a Latin dance class, not until after I moved to London back in 2010. It was then when I was introduced to the Latin-inspired Zumba Fitness Classes. Fell in love instantly! 

Joining the Zumba family brought me wonderful experiences, I created valuable friendships and most importantly was enjoying the benefits this fitness programme provides. However, be careful as IT IS ADDICTIVE. 

I'm currently undergoing MSc Pharmaceutical Science in Kingston University London due to graduate 2017. In 2016 completed my BSc Biomedical Science degree with University of Roehampton. Additionally to English, I speak Bulgarian, Spanish and German. Other interests of mine include  travelling, photography, cooking (baking in particular haha!), charity.

Come along and dance with me! Let IT move YOU! <3 

I look forward to meeting you!  
Lots of Love

Teodora x


  • There's no other such fitness class! 
  • Zumba is easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating!                    
  • No need to know any dance moves! Enjoy yourself and  Zumba will find it in you! 
  • Millions of people have revolutionised the way they feel about their workout and their live.


  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba Academy UK 2015Zumba Academy UK 2015
    Attended Zumba® Academy UK 2015